Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Runclick Review & Bonus

RunClick Webinar And Video Conferencing Software - Review and Bonus Launch

Unlimited Webinars. Unlimited
Attendees. No monthly fee.
Big name marketers have started using hangouts as a massive way of reaching their audiences.... and exploding their bottom line in the process.

And now - you can tap into this power in a way that is SIMPLE. Duplicatable and WORKS!

Making Money online always follows a proven path - and if you have seen massive success stories online from online presentations (like $10,000 in 3 days as a true example) then you will know how achieve-able this is.

Hangouts are awesome for so many things - including presentations, launches, customer support - heck even rock bands, Steven Spielberg and Barrack Obama are into them!

But Hangouts are missing a few pieces to make them a serious alternative to webinars. That is what RunClick does. (and some nice EXTRA Pieces as well) RunClick Webinar Software gives the pieces of the puzzle that are MISSING from Google hangouts to make this a serious player.
RunClick is a self-hosted app that turns Google Hangouts into your very own webcast service. All you have to decide is how you want to use it.
Check this video for runclick review

Full Features :
  • Plug 'N Play simplicity - setup hangouts in 5 steps from your Wordpress dashboard.
  • Provide Full Registration Facility - Hangouts have been missing the ability to set a date and send registrations to the page - capturing leads. (RunClick integrates with major autoresponders instantly too!)
  • Provide reminder emails - Send emails to registered event attendees - making sure that the people don't MISS the hangout - getting more people to the event on time.
  • Allow Registered Leads To Be Exported - One click into csv files
  • Maintain complete BRANDING Control - This is massive - because RunClick embeds the hangout into YOUR site, the person is watching via youtube as you live stream the event, but the branding is all controlled by the site. (huge!!)
  • Follow Up Email System Built In - After the event, send people automatic thank you emails and links to the replay (automatically done by youtube)
  • Click here to get it :
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yZ-WUasERs
·         Exclusive Bonus
We have put together this bonus page for you.
With Software and material designed SPECIFICALLY to help you be successful with the RunClick Webinar Software. Hundreds of hours of the best training available today, coupled with POWERFUL software And valued at over $500 is yours FREE When you Purchase RunClick Webinar Software from this page.
·         http://sender21.com/runclick/assets/img/big-one.jpg
·         RunClick Plus wordpress plugin is available exclusively for you when you purchase the RunClick system from this link.
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·         Solving the biggest trouble of running any webinar – Getting more people to attend!
RunClick Plus will instantly syndicate your Webinar events to the biggest social networks in the world.